Clydebuilt is an innovative mentoring programme in which promising poets are paired with an experienced mentor for a period of 12 months. The programme has been running for many years; the earlier groups named themselves after a Clydebuilt vessel. Applications for Clydebuilt 14 are now closed, the successful applicants were: Alison Cohen, Xinyi Jiang, Lucille Mona Ling, Amy Rafferty

Clydebuilt  – The Verse Apprenticeship Scheme


This is an innovative programme which looks at addressing in part one of the issues raised during The Glasgow Report Card and City of Dreams consultative exercise; the further developing of poets with potential. It provides intensive support, encouraging a greater dialogue between new developing poets and experienced poets.

It has two elements to it.

The first part is mentoring of no more than four local (Greater Glasgow) poets who have yet to have a first full collection published (not counting pamphlet publication) and are not currently receiving any support with their development, e.g. not enrolled on an MLitt programme or fee-paying course. This mentoring will be given by an experienced poet-tutor over the course of 12 months, roughly from September 2019 to September 2020, and will consist of 5 group tutorials and 2 sets of one-to-one sessions which will be free to the participants. At these tutorials there will be a discussion of pre-submitted work with a mix of peer and tutor feedback. This will encourage participants to develop not only their own writing style but their ability to critique others. Over the year the participants will develop a portfolio of poems.

The second part will be the provision of a matching support fund to help the experienced poet/mentor to develop their own work during the same 12 month period. The poet will in turn share their work in progress with the group if they feel that would be useful for the group.


The scheme has been set up to support Greater Glasgow-based writers and it is imagined that both mentors and apprentices will be recruited through the existing poetry networks, course programmes and writing networks across the city.

A panel will review the applications and agree the appropriate decisions. They will also decide whether any interviews are necessary. The chosen tutor/mentor will be involved in the final decision on the apprentices for their group.


A short final report written by the tutor will assess the progress made by all poets including themselves with participant feedback on any suggested improvements. Participants will give a reading of some of their resulting work along with their tutor at the end of the 12 months at a dedicated St Mungo’s Mirrorball event.

Reference should be made to support offered by St Mungo’s Mirrorball and Glasgow Life in future publications and collections.

                Clydebuilt Verse Apprenticeship Scheme – (Example) Submission guidelines 


To be eligible to be an apprentice you cannot be involved in any other writing course or receiving any other structured writing support and you should not yet have brought out a full length poetry collection.

If you are interested in applying to be one of the four verse apprentices please provide the following:

  • Full contact details
  • A brief biography of your writing career to date
  • 5 poems as typical examples of your work
  • A statement of your short term and long term poetry goals
  • An outline of what you hope to achieve from the support over the next 12 months
  • A clear indication of the time commitment you are able to give both in terms of writing and attendance at the tutorial programme

Then e-mail the submission preferably in one document  to:

If you have any query regarding eligibility do not hesitate to e-mail myself or Sam–

Good luck

Jim Carruth

PREVIOUS Clydebuilters –

Clydebuilt 1 (M.V. Rangitane, built at John Browns in 1949. There was an earlier one that was sunk!)

Mentor: Gerrie Fellows

Mentees: Chloe Morrish, Susan Rosser, Christie Williamson, Gordon McInnes

Clydebuilt 2  (Uhuru, built at Yarrow Shipbuilders in 1965. It is an open screw wagon ferry)

Mentor: AB Jackson/ Gerrie Fellows

Mentees: Claire Quigley, Gillean McDougall, Lorraine Jenkins, Val Thornton

Clydebuilt 3 (SS North Light, built by George Brown & Company Greenock, a steam tug launched in 1955. fate unknown)

Mentor – Liz Lochhead

Mentees – William Bonar, Eveline Anderson, Nuala Watt, Sam Tongue, Irene Hossack

Clydebuilt 4 – (Nor’wester, launched 3/9/1864 by Laurence Hill & Company Port Glasgow, Yard No 47 for J Jamieson 3 masted Iron Sailing Clipper)

Mentor – Gerry Loose

Mentees – Amy Anderson, Liz Basset, Geoff Cooper, Janine McEwen, Kathrine Sowerby

Clydebuilt 5 (SS Pole Star, 1930’s Lighthouse ship)

Mentor: Alexander Hutchison

Mentees: Maggie Rabatski, Vicki Husband, Mark Russell, and Ellen McAteer

Clydebuilt 6 (M.V. Chauncy Maples built Glasgow in 1898 by Alley & McClellan, It was a 150 ton steamship working in Lake Malawi)

Mentor: Miriam Gamble

Mentees: Tracy Patrick, Susan Mansfield, Julia Martis, Jane Hartshorn

Clydebuilt 7

Mentor: Gerrie Fellows

Mentees: Kay Ritchie, Julie Kennedy, Jane Bonnyman, Colin James Begg

Clydebuilt 8

Mentor: Gerry Cambridge

Mentees: Henry Bell, Duncan Muir, Gregor Addison, Nalini Paul

Clydebuilt 9

Mentor: Liz Lochhead

Mentees: Juana Adcock, Kathryn Ailes, Robin Davis, Ciara Maclaverty, Finola Scott

Clydebuilt 10

Mentor: Gerry Loose

Mentees: Craig Coyle, Lindsey Shields, Molly Vogel, Ross Wilson

Clydebuilt 11

Mentor: J L Williams

Mentees: David Ross Linklater, Hannah Summers, Frank mcHugh, Roy Patience

Clydebuilt 12

Mentor: John Glenday

Mentees: Eloise Birtwhistle, Gillian Dawson, Tom Docherty, Morag Smith

Clydebuilt 13

Mentor: Gerry Cambridge

Mentees: Anjeli Caderamanpulle, Sean Wai Keung, Chris Boyland, Julie Laing